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iPod Nano

New design. New features. Now in 8GB and 16GB. iPod nano rocks like never before.


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Curved ahead of the curve.

For those about to rock, we give you nine amazing colors. But that's only part of the story. Feel the curved, all-aluminum and glass design and you won't want to put iPod nano down.

Great looks. And brains, too.

The new Genius feature turns iPod nano into your own highly intelligent, personal DJ. It creates playlists by finding songs in your library that go great together.

Made to move with your moves.

The accelerometer comes to iPod nano. Give it a shake to shuffle your music. Turn it sideways to view Cover Flow. And play games designed with your moves in mind.

  • Headphone Mini-jack stereo
  • Height 2.75 in
  • Width 2.06 in
  • Weight 49.2 g
  • Depth 0.26 in


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